Naturalborndom Anna Konda Muskeldomina -weibliche Dominanz als Lebensstil! The Lifestyle of Female Superiority!
Naturalborndom Anna Konda Muskeldomina -weibliche Dominanz als Lebensstil! The Lifestyle of Female Superiority!

Mixed Wrestling Dominance

Many Men wet themself when they stand infront of me. Stupid try to Fight me. After some Years im doing it now i can say when i had a hard challenger it was a Woman! Don´t says much about the things in General but the best and strongest Women who fight want to fight another Strong Woman too -to show who is better. When male Olympic Wrestling Champs visit me too fight me or male Heavyweight Bodybuilders these Fights are not a big Challenge for me. Men are mostly only this or that. But vs me it needs Size, Power, Skills -all. Till now i met this Package only 1-2 times and this was vs Women not Men. As i said in the Womens Section most of the Fights are not filmed. In Female Fighting maybe 90% of the Fights i do are not Filmed but all Fights vs the best Women are filmed because this is the Deal to show this to their and my Audience. I want it and my Female Challenger want it too. But if a famous Male Fighter comes i never had permission to film. It was always the Frame of a Private Session. And so 99% of my fights vs men are not filmed! A filmed fight vs a Guy is very Rare. You are maybe suprised that i care for their wishes. Not typical for me! Sure. But when i don´t respect limits in this case if they tell me that clear by mail before then i got no other Chance. The Stupid Reason for Guys behave in this Matter is that People laugh if a guy gets beaten from a Woman. As more if it is a Guy who train! So all you can do is feel my Power if you got doubts! In a private Session. Then you will get the same you see here! 



say thanks to youtube google for deleting my videos! 

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