Naturalborndom Anna Konda Muskeldomina -weibliche Dominanz als Lebensstil! The Lifestyle of Female Superiority!
Naturalborndom Anna Konda Muskeldomina -weibliche Dominanz als Lebensstil! The Lifestyle of Female Superiority!

From Cute to Brute! From the Cute Girl i was once to the strong bad woman i am now!

I had always strong Legs. I am born in the GDR and the Competition Sports Scouts of the GDR Olympic Sport Team came to my School when i was 10 Years old and decided i should do Ice Skating! I met Superstrong Women there in Training doing Squats with Impressive Weights. My Legs was strong too and i learned from them. They was my Idols. So i was able at the age of 12 or 13 to dominate all Boys in School and Adult men too! I was 13 i think when i broke a Guys Ribs between my Legs first time! I didnt expectet that! This was too easy for me Legs to crush this Boy to a Pulp! I enjoyed this much! It felt great and i had my first Climax so! And so i was on my road and felt this combination of strenght, sport, fight, dominance, superiority and sex! I can not seperate one thing from the other! I dont killed him and the other Boys i dominated but i enjoyed the feeling to have their Life between my Legs so easy to finish it!  I took their Money instead their Lifes! Ransom! After School i lost that way a bit! I made good money as a Cutie! I worked in the Interconti Berlin in a Firstclass Restaurant. Finished the Ice Skating, done Fitness only. Reduced my Weight from the 90kg i had since i was 14 to 65kg when i was 19. These times the first Pictures you see here was made. Mainstream Sexy Look so like my Bosses wanted me to be! But also those times i was still strong. I dominated my 90kg muscled Boyfriend in a little Bedroom fight and enslaved him. Still my Slave. Later then i made another Education to Estate Manager. I done this for some Years but i was tired to do what a Boss tell me. He made me upset so i done the same with him like i done in School with the Boys once. I really freaked out! I forced him under my ass took my thong aside and pressed my wet cunt on his face. I supressed him. I was getting heavier because those days i started real Weightlifting again. So it was hard to breath for him! lol -infact impossible! The Devil in me came up so it was hard to stop for me. Hard to let the old fragile Man staying alife. Life made me more evil! He had luck! Next day i was fired and the decision was made i make to my Job what i done with my last Boss last Day in Office! So now i am a Big Bad Woman of 115kg.  During the Years now my Strong Arms and Legs and my Mighty Heavy Butt broke overall Hundreds of Chests and Backs, Arms and Legs, Spines and Necks and Skulls too! In different Situations mostly not filmed but sometimes. Some examples below! I do underground fighting, get hired for Debt Collect putting some Pressure on the People, as Guard, as Husband "Trainer" from their Women, hired to Torture.... so their are many opportunitys for me to do the thing i love. Crushing! Crushing and putting Men to their Place! Other finishing Methods i do and enjoy ar Drowning and Suffocation by HOM or Facesitting! Always with Bodypower! On short Distance i am also a good Runner. Noone can escape me. I hunt and catch men like the Fox catch the Chicken! I am the right Hand of Mother Nature (GOD)! She (or call it GOOD) gave me the Body, the opportunity, the feeling and the skills for it! Woman give Life so only the Woman got the right to take it! The mood of a Strong Woman is the Final Law and Justice! 

Once my Bodyweight was 50kg. Now it is 130kg of beefy Female Muscles Squatting 280kg for 4 reps, doing Benchpress 2x 170kg Raw, Lepress 20x 620kg Bicep Curling 10x 90kg, Truckpulling, Carlifting, Coconut Crushing between Legs and so on. I crush Skulls. 


trapped. knockout by headscissor, no breath
HOM Suff.
she got a new task for her to....!
facesitting suffocation

Female Muscle DOmination

Anna Konda the Naturalborndom

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