Naturalborndom Anna Konda Muskeldomina -weibliche Dominanz als Lebensstil! The Lifestyle of Female Superiority!
Naturalborndom Anna Konda Muskeldomina -weibliche Dominanz als Lebensstil! The Lifestyle of Female Superiority!
I crush you like a Bug and Enjoy it! Just for Fun!

Woman vs Man 

An Average Guy try Mixed Wrestling vs Me! He see now it was a Crazy Plan. Don´t piss your Pants now! It will be all over soon! 



The Female Center of Power...

The Female Muscle Vice. Deadly.  Headscissors -Deadly! Bodyscissors -Deadly! Facesitting -Deadly! 



Crush men Like Bug

A Skull between Strong Female Legs. Skull Pops, Neck breaks! Still Questions? 




Weiblich, Lesbisch, Stolz! 

Anna Konda Musclelegs Crush Men and Women. My Mighty Powerful Female Legs -Ready for the next Crush!
Diese weiblichen Schenkel zerquetschen Melonen, Schädel, Menschen! They Crush all what is between. Melons, Stones, Chests, Skulls! Monster Legs!

I use my Power to dominate. To beat my Challengers and to crush them! I enjoy this! I don´t fight in Weightclasses. Fight is Fight. No matter vs who! No fair play! I rather make Prey! 

Anna Konda kills her Victim! Anna Konda zerquetscht ihre Gegnerin! Female Wrestling Crush Anna Konda

Females the Stronger Sex

Frauen sind das köperlich stärkere Geschlecht! the real gender difference. the truth about the sexes!

The Dominant Lifestyle of a Superior Musclewoman

Anna Konda Massive Female Muscles Anna Konda Female Muscle Dominance

Run if you can! Aslong as you can! Safe your shopping Bags and run! lol -Before i check your Property and make it mine! 

Sure i dominate Weaker People. Some say it is because i dont want to fight the strongest. Only who dont know me say this! I fight everyboy and i win those fights! But this dont means i let the weaker go -because of "Fairness"! I give a shit! Is the Cat not "Fair" if the Cat hunt the Mouse??? Come on! It is Predator and Prey! Same here! When i hunt i hunt silent and my aim is to catch my prey fast! Fast and Silent! Break the Resistance fast, hard, and silent! From the Moment on when i got my Victim safe and he/she is not able to escape, resist or scream for help anymore i got more time and can play a little. Maybe i want to destroy my Victim completly. But mostly i want to Impress him! Or her! To do something for me that i want! To give me anything i need! The Cat is hungry! 



Muscledom Action

Imagine, you and me alone! How we met? Maybe your wife told me i should educate you Manners and behave, or you dont paid a Bill. Or you came for a Session. Anyway. I catched you and broke your Resistance! Now you are paralised with fear. Maybe i broke some of your Bones. Not the most important Bones. But what will happen now? What will i do with you know? This is not in your Hands! It depends on my Mood and the Task i got from any Woman maybe. 



at this point i had alot of youtube videos. my channels on youtube was once the most successful channels about female muscles, mixed wrestling, female strenght, real amazons. if you search this now on youtube what do you find? rubbish! youtube deleted me for showing instead bullshit! fakes and morphs and edited videos. not real. cheap advertising of any shit! the complete youtube google company is nothing than a fucking piece of shit! dumb morons! morons making the best money with morons. the world gets stupid and google leads. stop google. stop youtube! for a real diversity in internet with many players! google youtube is cancer! 

i hate youtube google! fuck off youtube google! destroy this company for freedom of internet! this is the mission!

but you still find all videos of me HERE

130kg Female Powerlifter, Strongwoman, MMA Fighter underground freestyle no rules.

80% Lesbain 20% Bisexual! Fight to Destroy and to Supress! Kämpfen um zu dominieren und zu unterwerfen! Crushing for fun and hired to Crush! For a new Lesbian World Order. Domination! Superiority. No Equality! Female Fightclub Berlin Girls for Feminism, Fight Sexism, Macho Culture Game Over! We win the War because we enjoy the War! 


Female Wrestling Dominance

Anna Konda Female Wrestling Domination. Female Muscle Superiority Anna Konda Female Wrestling Bodyscissor Crush

Most Women are helpless vs me and i enjoy it! Their Moaning and Twitching and i Love to abuse them a bit! 



Mixed Wrestling Dominance

Women are not the weaker Sex in general! It is all a matter of good genetics and not of Gender! When i started weightlifting i was suprised how fast i was stronger than the men in the Gym! Also my Hubby trained hard but had no Chance against me. But Body is made to lift heavy. My Body want the heavy weights. If more Women would do the same like me they would also be strong like i am. I am not so special. Many Women got that kind of Body! The only secret is -no diet and no dehydration like Female Bodybuilder do. Eat good, eat enough and lift heavy. So i am a Strongwoman and not a Female Bodybuilder actually. 



Lift and Carry

I am build like a Tank! i Squat 280kg for 5 Reps raw, I Benchpress 180kg Raw, I Curl 90kg for 5 reps, I Legpress 20 reps with 620kg! I pull Trucks and Trains and bend Massive Steelebars. I know many doubt that and so i show it every day here live! I can not always pull a Train for you because i dont have a train! lol But most other things i can do here every day. And so i can also lift you and toss you around like a Doll! Easy thing for me! 


Naturalborndom Anna KOnda -the DOminance of the superior Stronger Sex! Female Muscle femdom Lifestyle! Strongwoman, Female Wrestler, Mixed Wrestling -Amazon!

ndHy Guys, Anna Konda the Naturalborndom here. I am the Strongwoman, Muscledom (Muskeldomina), Female Powerlifter and the physically strongest german Female Wrestler. I started to train many many years ago and started to wrestle in 2010. Since 2010 i have beaten hundreds of men in my Mixed Wrestling Sessions. I beat them up and dominate them the way i want. I do Wrestlingsessions because Fighting so many Men as possible in Sessions and beating them all is the proove that the stronger Sex is Female. A Heavy Strong Woman is always the Winner in a Mixed Fight if she know how to fight, if she know what to do. And i know! I founded the Female Fightclub Berlin to train with other skilled Female Wrestlers. This way i get the skills i need! My hardest Challengers was always the Women. I met and fought the biggest strongest Women and also the most skilled Female Fighters. What i enjoyed most was the Fights vs the biggest and strongest and best Female Bodybuilders, like Shawna Pierce aka Shawna Strong and Anna Mikhaylenko. Because i am Big, Strong and Heavy -115kg -my Fights vs Women are mostly Beauty vs Giant, Fighting Skills vs Raw Power and sometimes these Fights of the Titanes. Against the other Shehulks! People love my Fights because that. It is something for all. I don´t care if People love me or not! I like to force People to be my Slaves. To do what i want. I need to be in an aggressive Mode to do that. To be rough! So i like it if People are Cheeky and show no Respect aslong as their are near enough that i can teach them some Respect! How i do that you see here at this Site! 

Naturalborndom Anna Konda Female Muscle Superiority. Naturalborndom Anna Konda Mixed Wrestling Sessions. Naturalborndom Anna Konda Lift and Carry Sessions. Naturalborndom Anna Konda strongest Female Wrestler. Naturalborndom Anna Konda strongest BBW. BBW Power. Anna Konda owner of the Female Fightclub Berlin. BBW Naturalborndom. Female Powerlifter Anna Konda the Naturalborndom. Strongwoman Anna Konda the Naturalborndom. 



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